Full & Partial Dentures

Removable dentures are a great solution to replace missing teeth. In addition to completing your smile, dentures also replace lost chewing function and improve your ability to speak and chew.

The two categories of dentures are partial and complete. Either can be designed to be removable or held in place with dental implants.

Complete dentures are a full set of artificial upper or lower teeth and are recommended when all or most of your teeth are missing. A full denture consists are carefully planned and designed by our dentist to complement your smile’s aesthetics and look as natural as possible.

Partial dentures are the ideal option if you are missing only one or a few of your teeth. Partials are artificial teeth set in a gum-colored plastic base. They complete your smile by filling in spaces when you still have healthy teeth remaining.

Implant-supported dentures give you the best of both worlds: a set of teeth that look natural and function well and dental implants to hold them securely in place.

Immediate dentures are full dentures that our dentist places on the same day the remaining teeth are extracted. The benefit is that you don’t have the embarrassment of walking around with no teeth for days on end.

Benefits of Dentures

Years ago, dentures were designed for function and not necessarily aesthetics. They were also made of more rigid materials that easily irritated gum tissue and didn’t feel very secure in the mouth.

Comfortable Fit, Better Aesthetics

Modern technology and materials have improved the feel and fit of dentures. As a result, today’s dentures are more comfortable because they’re less rigid and conform more closely to the unique contours of your jaw.

Our experienced dentist will work with you to design your dentures in a shade, shape, and position that complements your smile’s aesthetics.

Chew Comfortably, Speak Clearly

It can be difficult or impossible to eat certain foods when you’re missing several teeth. Dentures give you back lost chewing function and let you go back to eating foods you love.

Tooth loss can make your speech sound garbled and make it difficult to communicate clearly with others. Replacing missing teeth help you speak clearly and confidently in social situations and conversations with others.

A Fuller, More Youthful Appearance

A full set of natural teeth supports your lips and cheeks. Without them, facial features can sink in and give an aged appearance. Replacing missing teeth with dentures restores fuller, more youthful facial contours.

When you look good, you feel good, and complete dentures can give your confidence a nice boost. For example, if you have avoided smiling because of missing teeth, you can feel proud knowing you look your best.

Even better, your dentures will complement your smile so beautifully that no one will ever guess that you’re wearing them.

Improved Comfort when Chewing

If you have only partial tooth loss, you know that it can be painful to chew, and those remaining teeth have to do double-duty to make up for the lost function of missing teeth. Partial dentures help distribute chewing forces evenly and prevent excessive wear and tear on your natural teeth.

An Affordable Tooth Replacement

Dental implants get a lot of credit for being a top-of-the-line tooth replacement. When paired with dentures, they provide greater stability and confidence because you know they’re not going to shift and move.

However, not everyone wants implants. Or, they may not want to go through implant surgery and the long wait times needed to get their replacement teeth. In this case, dentures are an ideal alternative that can be completed more quickly. Dentures also cost significantly less than implants, so if that’s a consideration, you can’t go wrong with dentures.   

Full and Partial Dentures in Mooresville, NC

Dr. McMahan takes pride in the beautiful dental restorations they create for our patients, including full and partial dentures. If you’d like to learn more about our tooth replacement options, please call our Mooresville dental office to schedule an appointment.