Cosmetic Dentistry

Choosing cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile is a little like investing in a new hairdo or outfit; you do it because looking good helps you feel good, and who couldn’t use a little more of that in their lives right about now?

You’ve probably heard someone talk about “life-altering” smile makeovers. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that cosmetic dentistry can change your life. What we can tell you is that it’s a scientific fact that a confident smile not only improves your mood but also the moods of those around you. And who knows what kind of interesting and beneficial interactions that can lead to?

Dr. Cory McMahan is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Mooresville who enjoys helping patients discover a better version of their beautiful smiles. If there are aesthetic smile flaws you’d like to correct, cosmetic dentistry has the treatment you need.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Smile

Thanks to realistic-looking new materials, almost every dental service we provide at Harbor Point Family Dentistry improves your smile in some way. Take a look at the smile flaws we improve with cosmetic dentistry:

  • Teeth with chipped edges
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Stained, discolored, or yellow teeth
  • Uneven gaps and spacing issues
  • Teeth that appear too long or short
  • Shape or size differences
  • Mild tooth misalignment

Before we begin your smile makeover, we need to address underlying issues like cavities and gum disease, then work together to make your dream smile a reality.

When considering the right cosmetic dental treatment for your needs, Dr. McMahan will talk to you about your goals for your smile. He’ll present all appropriate options, answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision about which is right for you.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Also called composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings mimic translucent dental enamel. When shaded to match surrounding teeth, the result is a healthier tooth and a seamless filling that blends perfectly with your smile.

We also use the same material for dental bonding, a technique used to correct numerous smile flaws like filling in chipped teeth or closing small gaps in your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are customized shells of porcelain or ceramic. They are placed on the front surfaces of teeth that show when you smile and work by concealing flaws like broken or poorly spaced teeth. We can even use veneers to correct the appearance of slight tooth misalignments.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Whether you choose a customized take-home kit or in-office treatment, professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest, easiest, and affordable ways to brighten your smile for a fresh new look.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Also known as tooth caps or just caps, dental crowns are a porcelain jacket that protects damaged teeth. Since they cover an entire tooth, we can also use crowns for aesthetic purposes, such as hiding a severely discolored or poorly proportioned tooth.

We can provide just one of these services or combine several to perfect your smile. It’s your smile your way, with us providing information and guiding your choices.

Ready to Learn More about Cosmetic Dentistry? 

There’s nothing our dental team enjoys more than seeing the happy faces of our patients when they see their new smiles, and we’d love to help you too!

Please call Harbor Point Family Dentistry to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Mooresville, NC.