Children's Dentistry

At Harbor Point Dentistry, we genuinely enjoy spending time getting to know our youngest patients. It’s a pleasure for us to play a part in their growth and development and to share happy milestones in their young lives. 

Dr. Cory McMahan is a children’s dentist in Mooresville, NC and knows that each child he sees has a unique personality. At Harbor Point Family Dentistry, we give kids what they need: A friendly, relaxed environment and a caring dental team who helps them feel safe and secure.

Our goal is to provide a positive dental experience for children and ensure that every dental appointment ends with a smile.

When to Schedule Baby’s Frist Dental Visit

We agree with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that suggests children first see a dentist by age one or when the first tooth erupts

Dr. McMahan has a caring, friendly nature and knows how to put children at ease from their first visit. A dental office is a totally new environment for a child, so we take time to let them get used to us and all our strange-looking equipment. 

We’ll try to perform an examination, but even if all we accomplish is counting their teeth, we will have set the stage for a positive experience at the next visit.

Please also use these appointments to ask us your questions about oral hygiene and nutrition questions or share concerns like how to handle bottle-feeding and thumb-sucking. We're here to help you!

The Importance of Baby Teeth Health

Baby teeth will come out, but they play an important role until they do. Toddlers need baby teeth to learn to chew their first solid foods and to speak clearly. Equally important, baby or primary teeth hold space in your child’s jaw so permanent teeth can erupt correctly.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about brushing and flossing your baby’s teeth to keep them strong and healthy. If a baby tooth does get a cavity, Dr. McMahan will fill it right away to preserve it until it’s ready to come out on its own. 

Preventive Dentistry for Children in Mooresville, NC

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Did you know that as many as 42 percent of children aged 2-11 have had decay in their baby teeth? Cavities or caries are one of the most common childhood dental issues, but in most cases, they’re also easy to prevent with proper oral care.

Bringing your child for dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry allows Dr. McMahan to look for cavities and treat them promptly. These appointments also continue to reinforce the importance of seeing the dentist periodically.

The sooner a child accepts dentistry as part of their routine, the more likely they are to develop a positive attitude about visits that can lead to happier, healthier smiles. 

Fluoride, Dental Sealants, and Mouthguards Protect Teeth

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens teeth and helps protect them from decay. Many children already get enough fluoride, but Dr. McMahan will let you know if he thinks yours can benefit from an additional fluoride application.

Dental sealants help prevent cavities, and we recommend them for teeth with deep grooves like molars that are susceptible to cavities. As we apply the sealant, it settles into uneven surfaces; when hardened, it forms a protective barrier between the tooth and cavity-causing bacteria.

Kids are active, and dental emergencies are inevitable, but we can provide an additional layer of protection for their teeth with a custom mouthguard. Since we use impressions of your child’s teeth to create the guard, it fits more comfortably than generic mouthguards, provides greater protection, and is more likely to be worn by your child when needed.

We Look Forward to Welcoming Your Child

Dr. McMahan and our dental team look forward to welcoming your child to Harbor Point Family Dentistry! Please call our Mooresville, NC dental office at (704) 664-3124 to schedule an appointment.