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Why do I need x-rays and fluoride treatment?

What dental x-rays and fluoride treatments have in common is that both play a part in helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums. They are part of preventive dentistry, and the goal is to help you avoid the need for complex or costly dental care by offering them.

Why We Recommend Dental X-Rays

Our dentist is very thorough when providing a comprehensive dental exam, and he learns a lot during the process. The one thing a visual exam can’t do is show us the inside of your teeth and under your gums. 

Both are areas where cavities and gum disease most commonly develop. By taking an x-ray, we can find hidden cavities in their earliest stages and treat them promptly before it threatens your oral health.

Fluoride Strengthens Teeth

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance found in rocks and releases into the soil, air, and water. All water sources contain some level of fluoride, including ocean water. We use fluoride in dentistry because it helps make teeth resistant to a process called demineralization that weakens tooth enamel and leads to cavities. 

Fluoride’s important for kids while their teeth are developing, and even adults benefit from it. So while you or your child may already be receiving enough fluoride, our dentist will tell you if they think you can benefit from a supplemental fluoride application.

We’re Always Happy to Answer Your Questions

If you have any concerns about how we use dental x-rays or fluoride treatments at our Mooresville, NC dental office, please call Harbor Point Family Dentistry.

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