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Dr. Cory McMahan

I brush and floss every day. Do I still need dental cleanings?

Brushing your teeth conscientiously every day is a great start for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. However, your brush and floss can’t get your teeth as clean as they need to be. 

Plaque is the sticky, bacteria-filled film that builds up on your teeth throughout the day. Brushing and flossing daily removes a lot of the buildup, but it can’t touch every surface of your tooth where plaque develops. 

Routine Teeth Cleanings for a Healthy Smile

As it sits on your teeth for a while, plaque hardens into a mineral-like substance called tartar. You can brush and floss your heart out, but you can’t remove tartar buildup that puts you at risk for gum disease. Only an experienced dental hygienist using specialized instruments can remove tartar. 

At Harbor Point Family Dentistry, we follow the American Dental Association’s guidelines and recommend teeth cleanings and exams every six months. If you keep your teeth as clean as you can between visits, avoid sweets, and see us routinely, you are doing everything you can to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Book Your Next Teeth Cleaning with Us

Our dentist and hygienists are committed to helping you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. If you feel your brushing and flossing skills aren’t quite up to par, one of our experienced hygienists will be happy to show you the proper technique.

If you’re due for your next teeth cleaning, please call our Mooresville, NC dental office to schedule an appointment. At Harbor Point Dentistry, we welcome patients of all ages from Mooresville, Lake Norman, Cornelius, Davidson, and surrounding locations.

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